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If you're looking for a military discount on the price of your cruise, you've come to the right place! Our cruise search engine is configured to reveal the cruises with the lowest military discounted rate. However, there will likely be additional discounts and benefits to we can provide only if you book with us over the phone.

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Jan 15 2019

Kevin provided numerous options for our search parameters. Mitch, you've got a great crew.

Jan 13 2019

This is the fourth cruise I have booked through them. As always it is a seamless procedure and always a bargain. Well Done!

Jan 11 2019

These guys are going to take care of you! Had a change in my deployment schedule and they had it taken care of with a new sailing date in no time flat. My future bookings won't be anywhere else but here! If you have found this site, you will waste your time looking elsewhere. The best deals and customer service is right here!

Jan 10 2019

Five star

Jan 4 2019

Great Service!

Jan 2 2019

We had great time on our cruise.

Dec 27 2018

This was my first booking with military cruise deals. Having a few days off during the holidays, I had quite a bit of free time to research my next cruise and find the best deal possible. Military cruise deals pretty much destroyed anybody else I checked with. Because of the time difference (I live in England) and Christmas down time I was unable to call them as requested as part of the booking process to get additional discounts. A few days later I asked in an email how much of an additional discount I had missed out on. They actually went to the cruise line and worked out another invoice and lowered my cost. The cruise line has already credited my credit card. It wasn't a huge additional discount, but it's enough to pay for two shore excursions. I cruise quite a bit and being two years from retirement I expect the number of annual cruises will increase significantly and I look forward to continuing to work with military cruise deals to get the best rates possible.

Dec 23 2018

Frances was very helpful!

Dec 23 2018

Frances was wonderful!

Dec 17 2018

We just booked our first cruise with Military Cruise Deals and couldn't be happier with our experience. We worked with Hope who has been very patient with my myriad questions and our first-timers lack of knowledge of the process. We are looking forward to our European river cruise and highly recommend using Military Cruise Deals!

Dec 14 2018

Experience was the name of the game with Kevin. Professionalism and personality abounded and I definitely would have no problem working with him again. He is the third agent I have worked with on Mil Cruises Deals and all are great.

Dec 6 2018

Great help and great customer service

Nov 27 2018

Amazing service! I was able to chat and email on a Holiday and got quick assistance that resulted in saving me money, even after I booked the cruise. This is really the only place you need to look for a cruise. I comparison shopped XX different companies and websites and they had the cheapest price and as soon as the cruise company had a sale, this website reflected it. You can't get this kind of customer service, attention to detail and best price anywhere else! Such a great service for our military - thank you. Highly recommend!

Nov 18 2018

So far so good

Nov 17 2018

Outstanding customer service. This is my second cruise with them and can't speak highly enough of the quality of the overall customer service.

Nov 13 2018

Mitch Bank was a fabulous agent!!! He not only took the time to answer all our questions, he also had us laughing and enjoying the experience! Thank you Mitch! Cannot wait to do our Alaska cruise!

Nov 13 2018

I am a combat disabled handicapped veteran and this being my first cruise, I was blown away by the food, drinks, service, entertainment and the ship itself. WOW! My wife and I booked an AK trip for May of XXXX based off the service and the overall enjoyment we experienced on this trip. As I stated, I am a disabled handicapped veteran and Norwegian went out of their way to see I was comfortable and well taken care of, not to mention, it was my wife’s and I anniversary and honeymoon as well, thank you for the cake, wine and champagne. I very much enjoyed my travels with this ship and your entire staff; I will be cruising going forward, the best vacation I have ever had, THANK YOU for the wonderful experience!

Nov 12 2018

thank you for all you do. You all are great.

Nov 6 2018

I would love to say I'm extremely happy with my travel host Mitch. I'll only use this service for all my cruise travels. Thank you Military Travel

Oct 28 2018

So far so good